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High-performance tools
for medical research

BioSerenity accompanies you in the efficient and reliable collection of

electrophysiological datas for your clinical studies

Our tools

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Medical devices

BioSerenity offers you a wide range of innovative medical devices. Our sensors and pre-scoring algorithms

allow you to record electrophysiological signals with high quality meeting the requirements of your research projects and clinical studies.

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Secure Data Collection 

The security of medical data
is at the heart of our concerns.
We provide you with a secure and
certified “Health Data Hosting” (HDS) on which are storeds your medical dataYour Research data can be easily accesed and interpreted from a cloud-based platform using built-in signals reviewing tools.

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Your trusted partner

At Bioserenity,

we accompany you in
your clinical study or research project by putting yourself our expertise and our
human resources to achieve your research goals.
This results in privileged support
and accessible to all
your questions.

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Our therapeutic areas

& specialties

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Let's solve together
tomorrow's challenges

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Our studies

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Impacts of acute deprivation

vigilance at the wheel 

Pr. Patrick Levy, Dr. Maxime Elbaz, prevention insurance 

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Epilepsy & Behavior. 2020 Oct 1;111:107262.


Bridging the healthcare gap: Building the case for epilepsy virtual clinics in the current healthcare environment.

Lavin B, Dormond C, Scantlebury MH, Frouin PY, Brodie MJ.

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Annals of Neurology. 2020 Jun 13.


Report of EEG Finding on Critically Ill Patients with COVID—19

Vespignani H, Colas D, Lavin BS, Soufflet C, Maillard L, Pourcher V, Paccoud O, Medjebar S, Frouin PY


Would you like to join
the BioSerenity adventure?

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