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Bioserenity was founded in 2014 within the Brain and Spinal Cord Institute (ICM)
at the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital (AP-HP, Paris).

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Useful solutions

BioSerenity aims to facilitate

and to support the medical teams at each stage of the performance and interpretation of an electrophysiological act thanks to to innovative medical devices and collaborative digital platforms.

For caregivers

Taking into account the daily life of caregivers, BioSerenity wishes to improve the care and diagnosis of patients through ergonomic interfaces and connected solutions, in medical environments lacking expertise or isolated.

In collaboration with the medical community

BioSerenity listens closely to its users, in order to co-construct solutions that are tailored to their needs. Our solutions are based on feedback from our medical board and partner establishments.

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Vincent MARCEL


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General manager  Services France

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Board of Directors



Managing Partner & President
Jolt Capital

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General Partner
Jolt Capital

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Operating partner
Jolt Capital

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Medical and Scientific Board

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Pr. Hervé Vespignani

President of the Medical and Scientific Board

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Our mission

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Develop connected electrophysiology
in order to fight against medical wandering


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Our history

BioSerenity is a vast history of electrophysiology and innovation, but above all of women and men.

Find out more here.

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The birth of BioSerenity

Creation at the Brain and Spinal Cord Institute of a connected textile to improve diagnosis and monitor epilepsy. 


Closer to patients! 

Creation of the first production service and remote interpretation of electroencephalograms at destination hospitals.​ 30 Technicians and 20 neurologists at the neurological care in hospitals directly at the patient's bedside!



BioSerenity goes abrodinternational

Opening of the first offices outside France, in the United States (Atlanta, Boston) and in China.




BioSerenity wants to contribute to the national effort to help caregivers during COVID

In response to the government's call, Sérénité Protection Santé launched a mask production plant in Troyes, a "factory in the countryside" dedicated to the production of FFP2 and surgical masks for healthcare professionals, creating nearly 150 jobs and producing millions of FFP2 masks. With BioSerenity, Aube will become a source of masks for healthcare professionals all over France!


Did you say ICECAP®?

Our teams imagine the ICECAP®. The concept ? A single-use EEG headset suitable for all adult patients, which can be fitted in less than 5 minutes with no need for prior EEG training. A real innovation for medical teams needing this examination. This new step clearly demonstrates the brand's commitment to to make daily life easier for caregivers!


Draw me a textile!

Creation of BioSerenity workshops combining the production of innovative textiles for BioSerenity for the general public & support for companies in prototyping, from industrial design to the conception of specific textiles.



Always more innovative!

Designed and produced 100% by BioSerenity, our teams are launching

the second version of the Neuronaute acquisition system:

the NEURONAUTE+. More mobile! Smaller ! More connected!

Thanks to this range, BioSerenity responds to the challenge of medical wandering for electrophysiological care to the patient's home.

The family is growing !

Extension of the ICECAP® range with the arrival of the pediatric version. BioSerenity covers all ages from premature to adult!


Examinations performed with the  range NEURONAUTE®


Thank you for your confidence ! ​

300 partner establishments & 75,000 tele-interpreted electrophysiology examinations in 2023 (EEG, ECG, PSG)

Our partner medical establishments and healthcare professionals renew their trust in us. Every week, more than 1,000 examinations (EEG, ECG, PSG) are carried out and interpreted by our paramedical and medical teams at the patient's bedside, at home or in our health centers.

JOLT CAPITAL invests 26 M€ in BioSerenity

Confident in the solutions and services developed by BioSerenity to address the problem of misdiagnosis, JOLT capital invests €24 million in BioSerenity.

Our challenges





Improving patient care

with connected solutions that facilitate medical exchanges and accelerate diagnosis.

Provide reliable, simple and accessible tools for practitioners whoever context and patient care.

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Understand the needs

of caregivers to ensure helpful solutions adapted to their day-to-day needs

Connect healthcare professionals within the same GHT* 

in order to create a local and territorial network for electrophysiological care.

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While complying with safety and regulatory requirements 

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* Territorial hospital group

BioSerenity at the service
of caregivers

Innovation through our teams


Our R&D teams made up of engineersdevelopers
and researchers are actively working to provide techical solutions and innovative technologies. Meeting medical needs and medical innovations are
 the heart of our commitments and the design of future solutions.

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For the quality of the diagnosis


On a daily basis, our solutions are used by our 300
 partners for the electrophysiological support of their patients.
To date, 1, 000 000 patients have benefited from the quality
the quickness and simplicity of our solutions

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You want to join
the BioSerenity adventure?

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