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The next generation of connected EEG headsets

The simple electroencephalogram!

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A complete range of EEG caps
for all your EEG & your patients

Opt for the range ICECAP®
Available up to 21 electrodes

Our teams have developed two distinct ranges to meet the specific needs of newborns
and adults. For use in hospital environment or at home, the use of our 
ICECAP® helmelts
guarantees optimum EEG signal quality for recordings up to 72 hours.

Available from 23 cm to 51 cm head circumference

Available from 43 cm to 60 cm head circumference


23 - 31cm


30 - 38cm


37 - 51 cm 


 53 - 60cm


 43 - 53cm

Comfortable, easy to use
,the ICECAP® allows a 

simplier measurement 

 with high quality signals

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With only 4 fixing points

the pose of ICECAP® is completed in less than 15 minutes, even by a non-expert EEG.


The range of ICECAP® 

caps is composed of 9 to 21 electrodes,

allowing EEG signal collection

until 72h with high quality for all applications

Thanks to its single use,

the ICECAP® guarantees you an optimal hygiene while providing a real comfort

for your patients.

ICECAP® Compatibilities

To existing acquisition systems


 Touchproof connection system

Dedicated adapter


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