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Collaborative web platforms
& Medical tele-expertise

Facilitate the coordination of electrophysiological diagnosis 
with the actors of the territory

of our platforms

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tele-expertise requests 

By grouping electrophysiological examinations on a centralized, collaborative tool, you can create regional tele-expertise pathways or connect to partner
networks for accelerated and simplified care.

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Connect medical actors in the same region

Whether within the same GHT, territory or medical community, reference the members of your organization on our platform to facilitate the collective management of the care pathway and facilitate coordination between professionals.

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Integrate the necessary tools 
to success 
of your journey 

The platform is designed to
to integrate the functionalities
necessary for smooth management
and intuitive medical procedures
such as planning, assignment of requests, interpretation of tracings and secure centralization of
patient files and accounts-returned.


Safety is at the heart of our business

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Do you need expertise and support in performing and interpreting
electrophysiological procedures?

LR Connect gives you easy access to partner healthcare networks and professionals to facilitate your tele-expertise requests.

More than 300 establishments trust us

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Organization of medical requests 

Benefit from a centralized view of current requests,
interpreted or to be analyzed, to simplify the collective management of your medical examinations. 

Each request can be easily assigned within your organization or connected to partner care networks.

Integration with our connected medical devices

From the LR platform, you can easily launch examinations performed with our range of connected EEG medical devices, Neuronaute®.

Once completed, tracings are automatically stored, safely deposited and linked to an interpretation request if required.


Medical interpretation tools

Thanks to our remote office and the majority of integrated
tools on the market, the physician assigned to interpret the
can launch the electrophysiological tracings analysis module (EEG, ECG, PSG, etc.) from his or her interface, open any type of analysis file with complete peace of mind, carry out the interpretation and write the report.

Availability of reports

and patient files

All data, traces and reports are centralized in a single interface to facilitate collective management of medical procedures and coordination between professionals.

Our platforms are HDS (Health Data Hosting) certified, and comply with medical data management standards.



An open and interoperable system

The LR platform has been developed to interface easily with numerous tools already on the market. From appointment management and data collection systems to teleconsultation tools... LR offers an open solution that facilitates seamless integration into the daily lives of healthcare professionals.

Our networks
of partners

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 Remote EEG interpretation


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 Remote ECG interpretation 


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Remote EEG interpretation 


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Care networks
and health centers 


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